Monday, February 21, 2011

Lazy Momma?

Perhaps I have become lazy now that I have two little girls to write about except one...

I feel sorry that I can't capture every developmental milestone like I did for Tay, but the world still knows what's going on because of Facebook.  I think because it's so much easier to write short status rather than writing a whole blog entry for each event, I have resorted to doing that to let people know what's going on with our little family.  Anyhow, that's just lazy, I think, on my I really ought to get on it and write. Enough making excuses and on with the post...

Since November, Riley has hit quite a few milestones.  She has grown like a weed, of course.  At her two month check-up, she weighed over 15 pounds and was already rolling from belly to back.  At her four month check up, she was 17 pounds and 10 ounces and rolling in both directions.  We thought we had a thumb-sucker on our hands because for a while she constantly sucked her hands and her thumb, but now she has relinquished the thumb and just licks her hands or whatever happens to be near her mouth and sometimes she sucks it for a few moments and then resumes licking.  Riley must have been born with an appetite for solids because even before she was three months old, she would drool and demand whatever food we were eating.  We got a really hilarious video of her getting mad while her sister ate a cheese stick right in front of her without sharing.  I decided to start her on solids just a little past her four-month birthday, and it has been hugely successful.  I made my own rice soup for her and she ate it like a champ.  One day after work, I was so hungry I was eating a pita and dipping it in some homemade hummus.  Riley was watching me and drooling a waterfall...and then she started getting mad that I wasn't sharing.  I decided to give her a taste, so I dipped my finger in the hummus and let her taste...oh my.  She LOVED it.  She was demanding more.  I didn't think she could handle a lot yet, so I just gave her one more dipped finger, and she grabbed my hand as soon as she saw it and shoved my finger in her mouth!  I knew she was definitely ready for more than just rice soup.  Then, we introduced green beans and rice puree, which she loved even more.  We introduced some prunes as well because she hadn't poo-ed in more days than I was used to...she made some interesting faces to that, but she did get to liking it.  She has also had a couple tastes of banana, too, as Tay and I made some banana muffins one evening.  :) 

Riley seems to enjoy getting read to...especially if she can see the books and the colorful pages.  I enjoy lying in between my girls and reading a book to them doesn't last super-long, but it's so wonderful while it lasts. 

I'd like to mention here that this post is not chronologically arranged...I'm just writing as I remember.

Christmas was a blast with the two kids.  Of course it would have been nice to see some family, but it was also very nice having a nice cozy Christmas, just the four of us.  Christmas was even more fun this year than last because Tay had a blast opening all the great presents she got and even helped Riley open her presents.  We had a nice lazy day.  I absolutely love the Christmas season.

Shortly after Christmas, on 29 December 2010 to be precise, Riley turned 100 days old so we got a little cake, dressed the girls up in pretty dresses and had our own little party in the comfort of our home.  Also, that day marked the first day that Riley rolled from back to front!  What another great way to mark a milestone.  On a side-note, we didn't do a big 100-day celebration because our entire household was recovering from the sniffles...that nasty cough lingered for over two weeks!  Yuck.  For the first time ever, I had to suction a baby's nose so she could eat easier. Poor thing. 

2011 arrived and I made us dduk-guk for dinner that night.  I can't remember what we did that morning during the day, though...why? 

I've noticed that Riley really enjoys being on her tummy for the most part.  She sometimes seems to prefer being on her belly rather than her back.  Perhaps it's because she's on her back the majority of the time, but she definitely gets a kick out of rolling over on to her belly and looking around. Now her arm strength is getting much stronger so she rotates on her belly as she needs to to reach toys and such.  Just recently, (mid Feb) she has started to scoot on her belly by doing the "inch worm"...she puts her face down on the mat, scoots her behind up in the air, then pushes forward with her knees on her belly and face.  She doesn't scoot far, so I'm not so concerned that she'll get mat-burn on her face, but it's a concern that we'll probably have soon enough...ugh.

This past weekend was the Coex Baby Fair.  Riley and I were "live" models to demonstrate the use of the Moby Wrap for two shifts - Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon. It was quite an adventure with SO many people, but because she's just so darn cute, she made an excellent model because everyone would first look at her and then ask me about the wrap!  :)  It worked out well...hopefully we helped make some sales. 

Well, in other news, I have changed jobs and this week will be my first week at the new job.  It'll be a steep learning curve, I think, but I will enjoy the challenge!  Hopefully this job will also motivate me to write a bit more regularly...maybe.  Or maybe it'll have me so busy I'll give up writing all together!!!  Hopefully not...

Looking forward to another great month with my family and my ever-growing sweet baby girl.  Happy five month birthday, Shinah Riley!