Monday, September 13, 2010

Week 38/39 Doc Visit

Well, this morning's visit to the doctor's office was none too exciting, but it was lengthy.  I had the usual ultrasound to check the size of the baby, then had my consult, then a chest x-ray and EKG.  Riley's growing like a weed in there because she's already measuring 3.5 kgs (7.7 lbs!!!), but the doc assured me that babies usually weigh a little less than the measurement on the ultrasound.  That still means she's going to be over seven pounds, which is fine, but I still have two weeks to go according to the calendar!  How much more is she going to grow? 

At least the no-later-than date is now set - the induction is scheduled for the 29th of September if she doesn't come out on her own before that she doesn't get too big and get stuck.  I guess I need to start powerwalking everywhere to make sure she comes out before then...I'd rather try and avoid the induction this time around, but there is something nice about knowing when her ultimate due date is...I guess. 

Other than that, Riley's growing strong and running out of room in there.  I'll get the results from my x-ray and EKG next week at my next appointment.  I know most hospitals do the cervix check and such around this time to see if I'm effaced or dilated at all, but they haven't done that and doesn't look like they'll be doing that in the next week or two, so I guess it'll just be when she comes she'll come.  I do have another NST (non-stress test) scheduled for next week's appointment; I had one of those two weeks ago as well and she's definitely doing just fine.  She was asleep for the first ten minutes of the test, so they came and buzzed her so she'd move around, and she definitely didn't like that so she got active and kicked around quite a bit for the next twenty minutes.  We'll see how she does next week.

Insomnia has really been kicking my behind the past week and it doesn't seem to be getting much better.  The frequent bathroom trips don't help, but it's not the primary cause...I just have very very busy dreams where I'm just busy doing every day stuff from work to taking care of household chores to caring for Tay, so when I finally wake up, it feels like I haven't slept at all!  The constant exhaustion is really making me cranky throughout the day, which I'm sure is wearing on Jeff and how do I break this cycle?  I feel like I got no rest this weekend, and it was supposed to be relaxing!  Ah well...even taking naps during the day just don't seem to help much anymore.  Perhaps this is the way my body is trying to prepare me for having a newborn in the house again...getting my body used to the lack of good "rest?"  At least then I'll have a cuddly newborn to love on with a sweetheart of a big sister to help me out...and no work to think least for six weeks?  Maybe I should just start my maternity leave next week...::sigh::

Mom gets here on the 19th and Chuseok is on the 22nd...I'm hoping the little one comes on the 23rd.  Others are betting earlier.  I'm still hoping the 23rd.  Riley, come on the 23rd, yes?  Please?  :)

Hoping for a good next week...and a safe and happy delivery after my mom gets here!